Troy Ave has been one of hip-hop's most controversial figures for a while. The rapper's made statements in the past that have undoubtedly made headlines and rubbed a few people the wrong way. However, that's one thing about Troy Ave -- he doesn't hold his tongue and speaks his peace whenever he can.

And while the rapper is fresh off of the release of White Christmas 7, he's also still dealing with allegations of being a snitch in connection to the Taxstone case as well as his song, "2 Legit 2 Quit." In a recent interview with HNHH, he explained exactly why he feels there's hypocrisy in the entire situation, especially when it comes down to claims that he took the stand.

I think it’s a lot of hypocrisy with it because in one breath, people will say -- well, most sane people with any type of sense would be like, “Hell no. You don’t go to jail for your enemy.” For your friends, that’s different. For any enemy, once they take their gloves off, the gloves is off. The hypocrisy in it is that people will tell you or some people will say, “You should go to jail for him. You should take the charges and then fight it. That’s the code of the streets.” Not even fight it -- you don’t say, “That’s not my gun.” Then the D.A. will say, “Who’s gun is it?” Then you gonna say, “I don’t know who’s gun it is.” But that’s crazy. They don’t want you to do that, because you should go down for that but in the same breath, they wouldn’t be willing to go down. I look at it like, alright, if you say that this person should go down for a charge of somebody that you support but why don’t you just kill that person and then you go down for that charge. It’s the same charge! Murder is murder, you both go to jail. So if you think this person should go to jail for an enemy, or because it’s somebody that you love, then why don’t you say, “You know what? I’m going to kill that person, and then I’mma murder them, and then my friend will get set free and then I’ll just go to jail for them.” If you so passionate about it one way, you gotta be passionate about the other, if you real. Unless you fake. Unless you’re clout chasing. And that’s the case in most instances.

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