Earlier this Summer, Troy Ave released his long awaited debut album called Major Without A Deal, which unfortunately didn’t do too well on the charts as it only sold 4k copies in its first week. Since then, we really haven’t heard much from the Brooklyn rapper after he was slandered on social media for those weak album sales, but it now looks like he’s taking another stab at a new project.

Taking to Instagram on Monday, Troy revealed that he’s been busy working on a follow up mixtape called Major Without A Deal: Reloaded. No word yet as for when we’ll get to hear the project, or who we can expect to hear on it, but he did say that it’s for “the streets, fans, & 4 the REAL.”

Check out the newly-released artwork below, and while you’re at it, peep his latest track “Narcos” to hold you over in the meantime.