Troy Ave and Mysonne are back at each others throats but perhaps, their feud has really escalated to a point of no return. Though their feud has been well-documented over the years, Troy Ave and Mysonne fired shots at each other this weekend after Mysonne called Troy a "rat" on Twitter.

It all began at the top of May when a fan claimed that Mysonne was out here supporting frauds. Troy replied, "He need to activate his momma out the hood, give ya EBT to the fukin essential workers . go stand up for can drivers rights , and pay back that $63 dollars u stole Mice."

In response, Mysonne shared a photo of a new merch piece that reads, "Integrity Over Income," Mysonne shared the link to the landing page, writing, ".Ps My Momma Said she'd Rather Die in the hood Then have a RAT SON!!...i was raised differerent #IntegrityOverIncome."

Troy Ave caught wind of the comments and fired back at Mysonne and his mother, telling both of them to "suck a dick." 

“Remember when Nuke pressed u outside of Starlets & u copped a plea bout Me,” Troy wrote. “U owe me say thank U! Remember when u cried in court after u robbed that poor immigrant cab driver, where was ya integrity? Remember Nvmd, u and Ya momma suck a dick in the hood! #StayPoor #NoPaperWork”

Mysonne's retort? Troy Ave's walking around in protective custody, though he made it clear that he wouldn't go as far as disrespecting one's mother. "As a real G I will never disrespect your mother. I pray for her tho.. Im just praying all your kinda n***as get Corona.. waiste of Air," Mysonne wrote.

Peep the tweets below.