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Trouble & Drake's "Bring It Back" Collaboration Officially Released

Trouble & Drake - Bring It Back (Prod. By Mike Will Made It)

  Dec 29, 2017 09:04
Here goes the official stream for Trouble, Drake and Mike WiLL Made It's recently leaked and long-awaited collaboration.

Trouble may be a currently incarcerated rapper, but that hasn't stopped him from generating buzz. He may be generating even more, now that his once-leaked collaboration with Drake and ATL hitmaker Mike WiLL Made It has received an official release across streaming platforms. The song first saw the light of day at the beginning of December, and despite the leak being unplanned, Trouble's camp decided to roll with it. 

If you initially missed that leak, or else simply want to stream it in all it's official and high-quality glory, click play. You can find it on Spotify, TIDAL and beyond. It's defined by an eerie squeaking, stuttering and bouncing beat, allowing for a punctuated, abrupt flow.

Quotable Lyrics

Do it for the six because we started there
I got a girl that used to ride around with 'Pac an' them
I gotta get it, you came from my lil partner then
Yeah, Richard Mille, heavy on the watch
Extra million just to see the Maybach drop
Crest white smile on my face
Once I get to snapping ain't nobody safe

- Drake

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top comment
- Dec 29, 2017

Mike Will with this garbage beat? Man not even @Slimjesus can say Drake saved this

- Mar 26, 2018

Sounds like they took "I Like Tuh" and tried to make a new song out it. Trash 🤮

- Jan 15, 2018

Surprised at the hate on this song. I mean Trouble ain't lyricist of the year but the knew I felt like the song as a whole was dope.

Luke SkySaucer
- Jan 2, 2018

This song is hot! GTFOH

- Jan 2, 2018


- Jan 1, 2018

Surprised at these comments. Never really listened to trouble but I thought this beat was hard and drake had a nice verse

Not even a Drake stan but I honestly don't understand how people don't like this. Its hard as fuck.

Cognac Papi
- Dec 30, 2017

When will Mike Will quit making beats though? Its obvious he getting lazy

Justin Trudeau
- Dec 30, 2017

Prob the worst song drakes been on ever

Eazy Dinero
- Dec 30, 2017

same niggas hating are the same niggas that are gonna to be snappin in the club when this drops

Éric Therrien
- Dec 30, 2017

I don't know about the others... But I can tell you that I won't be snappin on this or on any of Drake's songs I will more try to stop my ears from bleeding ! Everybody saying Em's new album is trash and pop but for most peoples Find Your Love and One Dance are his biggest hits and it's two club/pop songs.. He got the most annoying rap voice of all to me he's more in list to be the WOAT then to be one of the GOATs...

Éric Therrien
- Dec 29, 2017

Another Drake verry good song...

Q Mateen
- Dec 29, 2017

It ain't dat bad if u listen 2 it in yo car wit 6 twelves

A Real 1
- Dec 29, 2017

BS.. nothing saves this trash!

- Dec 29, 2017

Man it's like Drake stans are hypnotized. I'm convinced niggas is under some kind of spell. This was pure, unadulterated trash. From the beat, to the lyrics, to the flow. Man HOW the hell this shit hot? Yall trippin

- Dec 29, 2017

Lmao. People don't like it, cos it ain't their average brain dead trap beat. I know, the beat is not good, but at least it's something else. The track is not really good tho' so i dont know why i even comment :D


- Dec 29, 2017

tha trashy i ever heard this year so far😑😑smh

- Dec 29, 2017

New Wayne and Drake - Family Fued

If this came on in the club guarantee all the haters would be getting low with their guy. Drake delivered hardcore with this too.

- Dec 29, 2017

Stop lying to yourself lol

- Dec 29, 2017

Less is more. I fuck with it

- Dec 29, 2017

The flow, production, everything just straight up ass

- Dec 29, 2017

I’m laughing at how bad this song is😂

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