Once Tristan Thompson squeezed himself out of the way of one controversy, another scandal was waiting in the wings. The NBA star took over social media back in 2019 when his name was involved in an entanglement of sorts with Jordyn Woods, causing Tristan and girlfriend Khloé Kardashian to split. Thompson quietly rekindled things with Khloé and they seemed to be on the up and up before a woman came forward with allegations that she'd slept with the basketball star.

As Thompson takes that woman to court over her allegations, another woman named Kim Cakery also surfaced with a few accusations of her own. According to Cakery, Thompson is the father of her young son, but Thompson has reportedly stated that they took a DNA test and it proved he isn't the boy's dad. Thompson did, however, admit to...interacting...with Cakery years ago, long before the boy was conceived.

On Instagram, Cakery has regularly called out both Thompson and Kardashian. Recently, she posted a screenshot that suggested Khloé DMed her about this debacle, and it showed as an unopened message. In the image, all the viewer can see is a preview of a message that looks to be sent from Kardashian stating, "Listen at this point I really wa." In the caption, Cakery wrote, "Sister wife now that ur exposed??... I'm not the one so let's be nice."

However, The Shade Room shared a screen recording showing that the previewed message was from Cakery to Kardashian, not the other way around. Since the proof was shared, Cakery has made her page private and has been widely criticized for faking the interaction. Check it out below.