When Stephen Curry gets cooking like he did during Golden State's Game 2 victory las night, there are few players in the NBA that can disrupt his rhythm. And when opposing bigs are faced with the unfortunate task of switching on the 2x MVP when he's in full Chef Curry mode, you can't help but feel for the poor defenders who are alone on that island.

Cleveland Cavaliers center Tristan Thompson has found himself in that very situation multiple times during the NBA Finals, but he wasn't at all in the mood to talk about it after the 122-103 loss. During the post-game, Thompson was asked, “When Curry goes on a roll like that, do you feel a sense of helplessness out there when you can’t defend him?” 

“No, fuck,” Thompson responded. “No. We did a good job — I mean, I’m switching out on him, I’m guarding him, so I’m never helpless with no guy in the NBA.”

“Fucked up. Next question,” He added before walking away from the media scrum.

Curry finished with a game-high 33 points, including an NBA Finals record nine three-pointers, in addition to eight assists and seven rebounds. If Tristan Thompson and co. want to avoid similarly-worded "fucked up" questions in the future, they'll need to come up with a different strategy when it comes to defending Curry in Games 3 & 4. Of course, that's much easier said than done.

Check out Thompson's reaction to the reporter's post-game question below.