Heading into this season, it was clear the Cleveland Cavaliers wouldn't be very good. Throughout the first 25 games of the season, it appears as though the Cavaliers are fulfilling the prophecy because as it stands, they are pretty awful. They are close to the last place in the Eastern Conference and teams are always looking forward to playing against them. Last night, the Cavaliers took on the Toronto Raptors in Toronto and lost by a score of 133-113. It wasn't a good outing for the Cavaliers although perhaps the Raptors play was motivated by some light shade that Tristan Thompson sent Kyle Lowry's way.

Thompson is a proud Canadian and was asked about his hometown team winning a championship. According to The Toronto Sun, Thompson commented on how much the title meant to the city and how Lowry must have enjoyed it because for years, the Cavs had beat up on him.

Stacy Revere/Getty Images

“It was huge for the city, huge for the country, in general. Toronto basketball’s on the rise," Thomspon said. "It was great with Kawhi and it especially was huge for Kyle, just because I know how many times we’d beat up on him in the playoffs. So it was good. I’m happy for them, they deserved it and now we’re gonna try to get a win tonight."

Clearly these comments were made in jest but when your team only has six wins, it's probably best to save the shade for another time.