Tristan Thompson appears to be not much of a dancer. The basketball player and his girlfriend, Khloe Kardashian, hit up a New Year's Eve party and fans have started to lash out over a video that seemingly shows him ignoring his girl as she tries to dance with him. Tristan has been critiqued at length for his behavior during his relationship with Khloe. He's cheated on her several times and many fans of the famous family wish she had left her baby's father in the past. They're trying to work out their differences but apparently, they still have some work to do on the dance floor.

Although they locked lips when the clock turned to midnight, another point in the night has Khloe's supporters a little frustrated. The reality star tried to twerk on her man but he was wrapped up in conversation, not noticing that his girlfriend was trying to get him moving. When she realizes that there's nothing she can do to get him out of his distracted trance, she gives the camera a frustrated look before rolling her eyes.

Considering how busy the party was, you can't really fault Tristan for not realizing somebody was trying to get his attention. There were likely dozens of people tightly navigating the closed space so it probably felt like somebody was just brushing by him.