Tristan Thompson and the Cleveland Cavaliers were defeated at the hands of Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors in the NBA finals last month. The win was no surprise, since the Warriors have the most stacked team in the NBA. Not too long after the loss, LeBron James revealed that he would be taking his talents to Los Angeles to join the Lakers. The City of Angels is also home to Khloe Kardashian, who is the mother of Thompson's baby girl, True. Recently, Thompson was spotted house shopping without his girlfriend and child in Los Angeles. 

TMZ reports that Thompson was checking out a 7 bedroom, 8 bathroom home in Woodland Hills recently. The monstrous estate also features a swimming pool and a basketball court in the backyard.  The home is not far from where Khloe currently resides. Thompson already has a place in Cleveland that he utilizes during the NBA season, but he has been staying with Khloe and his child in Los Angeles since the Finals ended. The new father could be looking to purchase a place to grow his family, or he may be attempting to follow his former teammate LeBron James to Los Angeles. For all we know, it could be both.