When you follow so few people on Instagram it's a little harder to orchestrate a cool and collected "unfollow," especially when nature calls for immediate scorn. The Tristan Thompson immediately comes to mind when I think of pettiness executed by monarchs and peddlers. It's common knowledge that of all the Kardashians, only Khloe is giving her cheating baby daddy a second chance. Even Kanye threatened to pummel him if he ever stepped out of line. Fortunately for Thompson the tally ended at five. That didn't stop Kim K from airing him out live on Ellen a couple weeks ago and then again on Live With Kelly & Ryan.

Her appearance on Live With Kelly & Ryan, produced the very moment pettiness I was beginning to describe. Kim Kardashian gave notive to host Ryan Seacrest that her words on live Television were subject to "someone in particular" blocking her on Instagram. The Mirror UK has confirmed that the user she was referring to was none other than Tristan Thompson. It appears he was so irate with Kim's denunciation on Ellen that he decided to do the inconceivable and block her from visiting his page. Kim Kardashian's ego was then placed in a Cryotherapy chamber for two whole days. Tristan has yet to make amends.