Once again, Slim Danger is accusing a celebrity of paying her to have an abortion. Slim Danger has quite the reputation in the industry, most notably as the mother to Chief Keef's child, but she has also occasionally surfaced with tales of her interactions with certain famous figures. Earlier this year, she stirred the pot when she alleged that Lil Durk paid her $15K to have an abortion and Slim has returned with similar accusations against Tristan Thompson.

Thompson has been the talk of the town in recent days after another woman came forward to say that she has a child with the basketball star. There have also been reports that he sent her a message stating that he didn't want anything to do with the child. 

People have been not only criticizing Thompson but his girlfriend Khloé Kardashian who has faced off against the public for years amid each lovechild scandal. Adding her voice to the conversation is Slim Danger who made a TikTok alleging that she and Thompson had a sexual relationship. 

"This man right here, yes, I met him at an L.A. swingers party," said Slim. "He paid me over $15,000 in cash and yes, yes, I was also paid to get rid of the baby." She even claimed that she had proof. "This right here is the check that was received just to have consultation. Just to talk to him before the $15,000 was even established."

Slim showed a portion of a check, as well. Check it out below.