Trippie Redd seems to have moved on quickly from his last relationship. Not only is he comfortable flaunting his affection with his new boo, he is also prepared to share his musical spotlight with her.

The pair hopped on an Instagram live to share their future plans. The video shows the new couple swapping spit before his new girlfriend goes on to explain how she's not a "hoe." The aspiring artist, known as @lonebrain on social media, said that although she kisses Trippie with full-on tongue action, she doesn't let him do much else.

Fans are concerned about the new girl's intentions. Many are expressing the fact that Redd might be entering into a pattern that will lead to another broken heart. His last relationship ended shortly after the release of AYLEK$' first single. This is the main reason commenters are using in their warning against clout-chasers.

Yesterday, Trippie asked his fans to follow @lonebrain on Instagram. This post earned him this same kind of comments. Some empathetic words were also shared as well as advice on how to heal from a broken heart. Others met the upload with harshness, saying that the newcomer cannot and will never be able to measure up to his past love.