While many new generation rappers have opted to take the melodic route, the reality is that the majority can deliver the barsLil Yachty can rap. Lil Uzi Vert can rap. XXXTentacion can rap. Trippie Redd can rap. In fact, the latter seems to be well aware of his technical prowess, which recently received praise from none other than J. Cole. Now, with his upcoming album in the pipeline, Trippie seems to be feeling himself. The red-headed rapper took to Instagram to preview a new banger, which happened to feature a welcome return to lyrical flexing. 

According to the caption, the track is a sequel to his popular single "Can You Rap Like Me?", and is produced by OZ Musique. Check out the clip below, which finds Trippie rapping lines like "take a vivid picture no photo, implement that shit into your mind just so you know tho, sucka free livin' I'm say that that's the motto, so that's for any n***a on that sucka shit I'm no ho bro, might just have to drop a bomb han solo, got me actin' a fool Quasimoto." Clearly, Trippie felt compelled to flex his dominance on the mic, not long after Lil Yachty switched up his style on Lil Boat 2. Perhaps I was correct in my assessment that lyrical rap was indeed destined for a triumphant return in 2018. 

In the mean time, check out the latest sample of Trippie's "Can You Rap Like Me 2" and sound off. Are ya'll ready for him to enter album mode?