Trippie Redd is without a doubt one of the youngest rappers to be racing up the ladder of success. The 18-year old Canton, Ohio artist really hit the map in 2015 by way of Soundcloud, his most popular hit being “Love Scars" with 18 million plays. Last week he dropped his video for "Rack City/Love Scars 2" that has hit close to three million views on YouTube. 

In a recent sit down with Billboard, Trippie recalls which artist caught his attention from a long time ago, saying Lil Wayne right off the top. 

"I keep this in my bag and I don't go anywhere without it [pulls out a picture of him and Lil Wayne]. [Laughs.] It was fun. He hopped on another song," he said, adding that he and Wayne were working together much before the particular photo was taken. "I had told my fans a long time ago when I had blue dreads, I was like, "Me and Wayne about to have a track." Me, Wayne and [Lil] Twist. Everybody was waiting for that shit."

When asked about feeling any pressures to succeed, Trippie doesn't give an exact yes or no, but rather gives a positive take on the question. "All I do is get better. I'm young. I feel like Baby Wayne," he says.

Trippie even takes the time to speak on the comparison that a lot of people give him to Lil Uzi Vert. He ain't too mad about it though saying that he doesn't "hate it."

"...I don't really love [the Uzi comparisons] either. He's cool. That's the homie. It just be like, whatever, I guess. We can sound alike if that's what you think. That's your opinion. Me, I'm trying to sound like me. I don't be trying to sound like somebody. I fuck with bro's music, though. I listen to it all the time."

Trippie's last project drop was A Love letter To You 2. The 14-track project was the follow up to his May breakout tape, A Love Letter To You, that featured guest appearances from Khalil, Uno The Activists, Bali Baby, Sydnee With A C, Chris King, and more.