Trippie Redd had something to say about a producer and engineer that he claims to have been close to for a minute, noting that the same guy is now charging him $80K for beats. It didn't take long for people to put two and two together, realizing that the man Trippie was sneak dissing was Pi'erre Bourne.

"N***as always forget where they came from," said Trippie on Live. "I remember when n***as were just engineering in the studio, living out the studio and hoping n***as gave him a shot type shit. It's crazy 'cause I so happened to be the n***a that gave the n***a a shot. N***as forget where they come from and wanna charge their homies $80K for beats now. Y'all n***as is corny. When I catch you n***as in person, it's gon' be some other things."

Well, word got back to Pi'erre Bourne, who posted his current stats for the deluxe edition of The Life Of Pi'erre 4 on social media, directly replying to Trips.

"80 rackssssssss," he wrote next to a bunch of laughing emojis.

While he feels disrespected, Trippie was calm in the comments.

"Wish it was number 1 honestly u know wassup I remember us in the studio coming up wit the whole video game sound u got from my childhood play list u can look it up its on the 1400 800 YouTube," he said. "Bro this nun new I’ve always helped u. Remember that u just let me down as a brother."