Well, here it is. After revealing that his upcoming album Life's A Trip will be dropping on August 10th, Trippie Redd has kept the hype train rolling. The young talent took to Instagram to reveal the project's album cover, and lo-and-behold, it's a lot to take in. For one thing, it's one of the more intricate cover's I've seen in a minute, with eerie, hand-drawn artwork slightly reminiscent of J. Cole's KOD artwork. It sort of plays out like an "I Spy" style search-and-find, with plenty of hidden details to take in. 

For those put off by the grotesqueness of "uncanny valley," you might find this one a little bit on the freaky side. Perhaps that's deliberate, as meant to symbolize the ups and downs of the titular trip; one look into the leftmost corner teases a nightmarish turn, while the rightmost reveals a batch of Teletubbies-style faces. Trippie himself is represented as the centerpiece, his third eye wide open, his long, nightmarish limbs stretching forward. Shout out to the bipedal clock straight outta Beauty And The Beast.

What do you think about this one? All things considered, it's certainly interesting; hopefully the music itself can be as layered as the artwork. Shout out to Trippie for this one.