Trippie Redd and XXXTentacion are officially brothers for life. On Saturday (May 16th), the former shared a photo of himself and his late friend as Huey and Riley Freeman, the main characters from the animated series, The Boondocks. In the image, Trippie has been drawn as the older brother, Huey, replacing the cartoon character's afro with his own signature red dreadlocks. As for X, the famous photo of him with blue and black dreads donning a white turtleneck and denim button-up shirt served as inspiration for his depiction as Riley, although the artist has replaced X's dreads with the character's signature cornrows.

Other identifiable details in the illustration include both rappers' infamous face tattoos, including Trippie's "14" on his forehead and X's "NUMB" beneath his right eye. Trippie is also rocking a 1400 sweatshirt and a red bandana around his head. Although he didn't tag or credit any specific artist, their watermark is somewhat visible on the image. 

trippie redd xxxtentacion the boondocks huey riley freeman graphic illustration drawing instagram animation cartoonChristopher Polk/Getty Images for Coachella

Back in January, just a few days before what would have been X's 22nd birthday, Trippie shared a screenshot of some DMs he received from X only five days before he was fatally shot on June 18th, 2018. "Hope you see what I was trying to warn you about when you're out," X had said to Trippie. "Get all those demons from around you and get some good energy around you. The company you keep define you to a certain point." Trippie noted that it was the best advice he'd ever received, although he has since deleted the post altogether.