Trippie Redd is fresh off the release of an album, Life's A Trip, that's been received well critically and commercially and already, a month later, he's got another mixtape done. He posted to his Instagram today a screen-grab of a song titled "Topanga" with an anime-stlye illustration of Trippie Redd smoking a blunt with an anime girl draped overtop of him. The song itself is bound to be a hit, the production style a mix of Young Thug, Drake and Trippie Redd's own style. The title of the track, "Topanga," could be a reference to the place in California or maybe even the Boy Meets World character who was named after the place. 

Of the mixtape, Trippie says that it's "it’s already done just needs 2-3 more songs." It's been about a year since his last instalment in the series, A Love Letter To You 2so it seems reasonable to expect the new one soon enough. 

Either a collection of Life's A Trip throwaways or new songs, what is certain is that there will be a new level of pop polish if this snippet is anything to go by.