You can count Trippie Redd among the new gen rappers that rock with J. Cole's new material. There seems to be a growing disconnect between young rappers, their fans and a more lyrical structure of rap prevalent in its time and place. Rappers that follow that model such as J. Cole are either praised as much needed saviors, or take make matters worse, they are brought down to size as relics of time.

Trippie Redd jumped on Instagram and posted a short clip of J. Cole's "ATM" video, the part when his life flashes before him in a straightjacket. The video is reminiscent of the more 'colorful' exploits of the big budget 'hype williams' era. Trippie commented "Amazing I love this fuck what anyone gotta say." He also made sure to @ J. Cole so as to ensure the positive message reached the man without getting bungled in transmissions.

"ATM" the #1 trending video on Youtube in America has amassed 7 million views in under 3 days. The gripping ending of the video poses an important question. The protagonist played by J. Cole is a lifeless corpse by song's end. What good is money if you haven't any time to enjoy its benefits.