Trippie Redd has been prolific this year, and from the look of it, his streak is liable to continue into the New Year. The red-haired rapper recently took to Instagram (though the clip has since been deleted) to share a preview of his upcoming single "Walk And Talk." The track itself finds Zaytoven coming through behind the boards, bringing forth a vintage-sounding Southern banger, evocative of peak 2007 T.I-led trap music. It's a far cry from Trippie's recent melodic single "Topanga," which many have come to celebrate as his best song in a minute. 

From the sound of it, "Walk And Talk" looks to find Trippie back on his proverbial BS, rapping lines like "first off I can't trust a bitch, break a bitch down like a motherfucking brick," and "Johnny Dang did my grills, I ain’t talking with a lisp." It doesn't appear to be Trippie at his most lyrically refined, but sometimes, a man must simply forsake eloquence in favor of unapologetic braggadocio. 

Peep the preview below, and sound off. Does Trippie have a hit on his hands?