With Disney including princesses from all walks of life these days, Trippie Redd is making his run at being the first princess with face tattoos. Trippie is certainly one of the most eccentric artists today. The Ohio native released his Life's A Trip album this summer, showing off his versatility and offering a few essential tracks along the way. With him now prepping to drop A Love Letter To You 3, he's been getting back to his usual routine of previewing songs that may be included on the tracklist. He's also having some fun with his fans as he shared an edited photo of himself wearing an extravagant blue gown.

The post was deleted hours after being uploaded (I wonder why...) and although his fans were praising him in the comments, he seemed poised to forget he had even seen the image in the first place. With wand in hand, Trippie embraced the comedic nature of the image but likely realized that the trolls would be on the way, leading to the deletion of the post. Fashion Nova has been pushing their collection for men but Trips appears to be more interested in their gorgeous gowns.

The artist has always had a sense of humor, making fun of himself from time to time. His next project, A Love Letter To You 3, is expected to be released soon.