Ohio-born rapper Trippie Redd has already completed his next body of work -- he's just waiting on the perfect time to unleash it upon his fans. This summer, he came through strong with another versatile effort titled ! (Exclamation Mark), which continued the solid run that he's been on for several years. Teasing a rock-tinged album before the end of the year, some of Trippie Redd's most well-received music has been his love records. The A Love Letter To You series has been wildly successful, birthing some of the rapper's most popular tracks to date. After seemingly calling for a temporary split with his girlfriend Coi Leray, the two appear to be back together -- or at least they're sharing a bathroom -- because in the latest teaser for the mixtape, Trippie Redd and his girl can be seen jamming out to an unreleased song as the singer showers and covers his modesty.

Don't say we didn't warn you... the video below is definitely pretty revealing. Fans are referring to the vocalist as "Thiccy Redd" after watching him go insane to his own music in the shower, exposing his bare butt and using a hand towel to cover his front. Somehow, even despite his high energy performance, Trippie did not slip in the shower. You can't say you weren't expecting him to wipe out during the clip, though.

Get a feel for how his next body of work will sound in the video below, which is not safe for work.