Nursing a shared sense of animosity, 6ix9ine and Trippie Redd are destined to spar via Instagram, even if they sometimes feel more like old rivals than bitter enemies. It's not the first time Trippie has sworn off 6ix9ine for good. In fact, the pair previously made amends, only to butt heads yet again. It would seem that whenever Trippe tries to get out, the rainbow wonder pulls him back in, like a Leprauchan promising a pot o' gold. Unfortunately for Trippie, there's no gold at the end of this rainbow, merely an infinite supply of increasingly messy antics. 

For some, however, antics can prove more valuable than gold. We'll have to see if Trippie Redd can resist the increasing frequency of 6ix9ine's jabs. After all, Tekashi recently pulled Trippie's ex into the madness, even though Trippie already predicted such a series of events. In any case, he seems unbothered by the whole fiasco, claiming his "dick is bruised cause n***as won't let they nuts hang." 

With blunt in hand, Trippie claims he's above the smoke, saying "I'm not going to involve myself with somebody that's all bark and no bite." Of course, such a comment can, and likely will be interpreted as furthering the conflict. However, such is the path Trippie chose. It won't be long before 6ix9ine takes the bait, and the cycle continues.