Earlier today, we reported on the "RIP Drake" host that swept through Twitter last night. It was truly a bizarre trend given the fact that Drake is completely fine. Needless to say, people were confused by it all and at this point, the entire thing has been cleared up. One hoax that continues to ravage Instagram lives, however, is the RIP Uzi nonsense.

For those who don't remember, YK Osiris was recently baited into thinking that Lil Uzi Vert had died. Osiris was on IG Live when fans began to spam "RIP Uzi," forcing the artist to shut down his Livestream. The same thing occurred to Trippie Redd recently, although he was quick to shut down these stupidities, as he was already well-aware of the trend.

"Stop saying that goofy-ass shit on my live," Trippie said. "Uzi ain't dead, shut the fuck up. Pussy-ass bitches."

Even Mario Judah was recently trolled with the "RIP Uzi" hoax although just like Trippie, he told people to stop as it simply isn't funny. Many beloved artists have died over the past year and it is never funny or acceptable to play with someone's life like that.

Hopefully, moving forward, this whole trend will stop as fans realize they are doing more damage than anything else.

Trippie Redd

Kevin Winter/Getty Images