Trippie Redd was minding his business when TMZ ran up to him with a cell phone blasting. The cell phone in question was blasting audio of a LeBron James "freestyle" he spat over Jay-Z's "FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt," from a few years back. Trippie held the phone to his ear and started grooving to it. Not only did he give The King a glowing review, but he helped devise a masterplan for LeBron should he consider a 2nd career in rap.

Trippie only speaks in superlative, but maybe that's what it takes to be successful in the Midwest. And speaking of the Midwest, if he were to coordinate LeBron first steps as a rapper, he would have him read a spoken word intro in his signature deep voice. After pre-chorus, Trippie would do the bulk of the grunt work, all over a beat produced exclusively by Kanye West.

After disseminating his plan, Trippie opened a discussion about Los Angeles Lakers basketball, and get this: he predicts Kobe Bryant will "unretire" to join a Lakers SuperTeam with LeBron James. The TMZ reporter was seriously dumbfounded at the thought of Kobe's return, but Trippie buffeted his case, offering a "Hell Yeah" when asked if the ragtag cast could upset the mighty Golden State Warriors.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Trippie Redd was an accomplished high school athlete, some would argue gives him a tiny bit of governance on the topic of sports.