For their latest episode of their "Sneaker Shopping" series, Complex recruits Trippie Redd to take them on a tour of his fashion and footwear aesthetics.

Like many rappers in his generation, Trippie Redd is known for having a broad sense of how he likes to dress himself. While he may not get as overly weird as someone like Lil Uzi Vert, both Uzi and Trippie have a tendency to go on wild shopping sprees and only thinking about how they plan to wear some of their new clothes later.

This is very evident during the video, as it seems that Trippie has pretty much purchased most of the sneakers in the store already. The inspiration for having him on the show was a video of him throwing around $25,000 worth of sneakers like it was nothing, so it's unsurprising that he already has most of what he likes.

What he doesn't seem to like, however, is Hender Scheme's line of real leather remakes of popular sneaker silhouettes. When presented with a Hender Scheme sandal, Trippie Redd responds with, "This is a Smokepurpp shoe. This is Smokepurpp as a shoe." What that actually means is left up to the viewer.

Despite already having a vast collection of sneakers, Trippie does pick up quite a bit of stuff from the store; though most of it is either clothing or some sneakers for his girlfriend. Check out Trippie Redd balling out at the sneaker store in the video below.