Some of the newer class of today's rappers appear to have a fascination with anarchy, going against the status quo and, perhaps most relevant, the devil. One of the oddest stories of last year was Lil Uzi Vert's supposed connection to Satan, rocking upside-down crosses and following only one person on Instagram: Marilyn Manson, a known Satanist. Much of that can be read here, but is there a new rapper on the block that messes with the devil too? Trippie Redd has rebuked claims that he worships Satan, using science and a pretty unique justification for his fascination with the number 666. 

Trippie dropped off "TR666" with Swae Lee late last year and has been using the term often since then. He took to his Instagram story to clear things up, once and for all, that when he uses the number 666, he is not referring to the number of the beast. Trippie said, "6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electrons. Melanin in black people's skin. Why I say 'TR666'? 'Cause Trippie Redd is black. But Trippie Redd is also dark. I make dark music." His meaning for the term is nothing less than original, using science to shut down those who say he worships the devil. He continued by saying that he uses it as a metaphor to celebrate his skin color, elaborating, "This is not no troll. This is just, you feel me, black power sh-t."

From Uzi to Trippie, the rap game's fascination with a darker entity is questionable. Trippie is gearing up to drop his upcoming album, which will likely explore more of his versatility while remaining on a more "emo" vibe as evidenced by the snippet he has filmed. Check out TR's posts below and let us know what you think.