The XXL Freshman freestyles have been rolling in at this point and with IDK hinting that he may have taken the tenth spot on the list, the 2018 class just gained a lot more energy. One of the most anticipated freestyles of the bunch was Trippie Redd's. In the past, the Ohio rapper has proven that he can spit, complementing his singing, yelling and "ohhhh yeaahhhhhh" ad-libs beautifully. As one of the final freestyles to be revealed to the world, Big 14 goes in for about two minutes, praising his idols and dissing his haters, namely Tony Romo, the retired Dallas Cowboy.

Living a sucker-free lifestyle, Trippie rhymes about getting his dough, leading into a line about his haters being b-tches like Tony Romo. Some of his lyrics are recycled about listening to old Wayne songs but you can't respect your OG's enough these days. Discussing his insecurities and how he feels that nobody loves or trusts him, Trippie goes deep into his mind here, pulling out all he can think of to impress the public with his emotional offering. With an album coming out next month, maybe some of these lyrics will be included within his next body of work. If not, we're sure a producer somewhere will add a beat to this and make it instant heat.

Check out Trip's XXL offering and let us know where you rank it among the others.