Trippie Redd opened up his new album, A Love Letter To You 4, with a song titled "Leray" -  a blatant reference to his ex-girlfriend, Coi Leray. The song is certainly not a love letter. In a spoken word manner, he says some pretty savage things, like "When you got with me, you were a genius / Now without me, you have to live life as an idiot." Although he might harbor some hard feelings toward Leray, he still seems to be possessive over her. When he saw YSL rapper, Lil Gotit, pop up in Leray's IG comments sending compliments, he felt the need to call it out on IG Live. 

"You 'posed to be my brother," Trippie said. "You under my ex-baby mama pictures talking bout 'You fine.' And you 'posed to be my brother. I done been in the trenches with you. You done showed me your hood and all type of weird shit. I ain't on no rap n**** shit. I ain't on none of that. That's you. You being a bitch. That's some bitch n**** shit. That's on my mama. If you don't think that's some bitch n**** shit, Im'ma beat on you... I'm not in love with that bitch. It's the principle. You 'posed to be my dog. I got in an argument with that bitch to come to a video shoot and shoot a video with you... If it was some type of thot bitch, that's cool, but that's my ex-bitch I was with around you, that got pregnant and got an abortion..." 

If you paused after reading "ex-baby mama" to wonder how exactly that could be the case, I don't blame you. Leray aborting her and Trippie's child was not public knowledge until this moment. Putting that aside, Lil Gotit went on IG Live to respond to Trippie's comments and made clear that he does not feel the same the degree of brotherly love that Trippie expressed. "Y'all n****s gotta stop playing with me. This is what I listen to" - he said flashing a poster of Lil Keed's Long Live Mexico album cover - "I listen to slime, YSL. I don't even really like y'all rappers. Y'all n****s ain't my brothers." Gotit also differentiated between "industry" and "in da streets", implying that his relationship with Trippie falls in the former category. 

While it doesn't seem like Lil Gotit would hesitate to go for Trippie's girl, he denied there being anything serious going on between him and Leray. He claimed that Trippie's "cry baby ass" was tripping over Leray collaborating with him on a song ("Big") and photo-shopping Gotit's tats on her face on the cover. "There are a thousand, billion, trillion, zillion females in this world. I'm not starting all that," Gotit said. "He said 'If you don't think that's no real bitch n**** shit I'm gon' beat on you.' Beat what? N**** ain't ever beat me. I'm in Atlanta every day..." 

Lil Gotit appears to have convinced Trippie that he was out of line because the Atlanta rapper posted an IG story later that said Trippie apologized.