Ohio's own up-and-comer Trippie Redd has already been carving out a spot as one of hip-hop's must watch artists. His mixtape series A Love Letter To You has already managed to capture the interest of Drake, who was recently rumored to be collaborating with Trippie (you can read more on that by hitting the link after the jump.) Now, the eighteen year old rapper sat down with XXL for an informative chat, in which he shares some of the most memorable occurrences of his young career, including meeting one of the game's most storied acts - his idol, Lil Weezy. 

Before Trippie's "Love Scars" went on to prove a viral hit, he found himself struck by tragedy. His older brother, who was a musician, passed away in a car accident, and Trippie decided to honor his memory by pursuing a rap career of his own. In terms of influences, he reveals that he used to discover new music through the radio, gravitating toward artists like Lil Wayne and Chris Brown. He also mentions that his mother used to listen to a lot of 2Pac and Ja Rule, as well as Alicia Keys and Aaliyah; therefore, it's no surprise his style has taken on such a reliance on melodies.

He also goes on to describe XXXTentacion as one of his "best friends," and reveals how they met: "he Dm'd me and then I linked up with them...ever since then, it wasn't on some music shit as soon as we linked up, you know what I'm sayin? We was just on some friend shit...He's a good dude."

Trippie also talks about the time he met Lil Wayne, revealing that Weezy hopped on two songs, which we'll see "later on." "I don't ever get starstruck," says Trippie. "It was just more so like damn, my idol in the same room talkin' to me...I played it cool...I'm an artist now, so I look like it you my big brother slash rival...I can't compete with Wayne but you know what I mean."

For more from Trippie Redd, be sure to catch the whole interview below.