Even though he's still trailing off the success of dropping A Love Letter To You 4 (Deluxe) last month, Trippie Redd is already gearing up to hit us with some new music in collaboration with the 1400/800 homies. Oh, and they've got Pi'erre Bourne producing the entire project.

Trippie Redd 1400/800 new Album Produced Pi'erre Bourne MONTREALITY interview
Photo by HNHH

The crew sat down for a group-style interview with MONTREALITY, with Trippie joined by members Chris King, Sunny2Point0, Shootem Up, K Suave and the hilariously-stoic Teezo Touchdown. Among the topics discussed, including Valentine's Day, their crazy definition of friendship amongst the crew and even a positive message to the youth, the real standout was the album details. "It's just basically versatility throughout all of us," Trippie said of the upcoming project, also adding, "it's really just hitting every ground on different sounds...around the sounds" before bursting out in smoke-filled laughter with his labelmates. Based off the quick freestyle dropped soon after that was said, we definitely can't wait to see this project eventually come to fruition. Even if you don't always understand the group's creative direction, there's no denying talent is something that's not lacking in the least bit within their circle.

Watch the full MONTREALITY interview with Trippie Redd and 1400/800 below: