Trippie Redd is dropping A Love Letter To You 4 on Friday (Nov. 22), which has him thinking about whose gonna be supporting his new project. While Trippie trusts his fans to be there for him, he has become accustomed to not receiving much love from his colleagues whenever he shares new music. He took to Instagram to vent about this lack of endorsement, but emphasized that he's not stressing about it. 

"When I drop an album, you notice how I be the only one promoting it? I'll just be the only person going crazy for my shit, besides my fans, and it's crazy cause a lot of other artists have like other artists backing them or promoting they shit OD, even people that's more famous than them... But me, I've always been the odd man out. I never had no big artist promote unless it was [Young] Thug, Tory [Lanez], Travis [Scott]."

The Ohio artist then mentioned how he still expects ALLTY4 to do big numbers due to his loyal fanbase. "But still, like right now, when I drop my album on the 22nd and I ain't gon' see nobody change their profile picture, promote my shit all over the Internet more than me, but my shit's still gonna be #1, #2, #3, #4 - still gonna have like 20 of the top 25 fucking songs on iTunes and Spotify." 

He attributed other artists not promoting his music to the fact that he doesn't care to go out of his way and socialize with or suck up to them. "Maybe if I did loosen up and become friends with these n****s and these goofball ass motherfuckers, maybe I would get love like that. But I don't even want love like that. Crazy thing is I ain't never said nothing about that cause honestly it don't matter to me... I just see it all the time. Y'all motherfuckers be posting the fuck out of each other and fucking with each other. I don't really fuck with too many people. I stay to myself... I don't dick-ride or be in people's face for no reason. I ain't no fake person." The semi-rant ended on a positive note of Trippie expressing gratitude for the people close to him whom he can count on. "I know it's gonna be my real life friends and family that's gonna post my shit everywhere."

Even if a lot of artists don't shoutout ALLTY4 on social media, Trippie did manage to snag a lot of big name features for the album. For example, he got DaBaby on the latest single, "Death"