Much to the disappointment of fans, Trippie Redd and YK Osiris did not face-off in their planned boxing match last night, as the former dropped out of the fight mere hours before it was scheduled to take place. After YK squared off with Lil Tjay in the "ring" earlier this week, for which they got clowned by both 6ix9ine and Tory Lanez, the self-proclaimed king of R&B sought out a new sparring partner. Trippie Redd was the ultimate opponent of choice for the singer, who was unanimously deemed the winner in his boxing match with Tjay. YK announced on Thursday (May 28th) that he would be going glove to glove with Trippie the following day over Instagram live, with 6ix9ine and Akademiks signing on as commentators.

trippie redd YK Osiris boxing match cancel lil tjayGabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

However, only a few hours before the match, Trippie threw in the towel. The rapper took to IG live to explain why he was dropping out.

“Aight so listen,” Trippie began. “It was gon’ be a fight, right? Now it’s not gon’ be a fight. I tried to tell y’all I don’t want to associate myself with bullsh*t, and y’all try to associate me with bullsh*t. I don’t get why ’cause I’m a real n*gga and I don’t won’t to be part of nothing that has to do with anything that I don’t like. You know what I’m saying? So there was gonna be a fight, now there’s no fight. Sorry, ruined it. Crazy.”

trippie redd YK Osiris boxing match cancel lil tjayAaron J. Thornton/Getty Images for BET

Although he doesn't exactly specify why he decided not to participate anymore, folks in the comments seem to believe that it's because 6ix9ine became involved. The rapper has been loathed by the majority of the hip hop community since he snitched in court, and this widespread detestation has only increased since he was released from prison and returned to his old antics.

Ironically, prior to Trippie puling out of the match, YK recorded himself on Instagram ensuring that Trippie wasn't backing down. “We got two-and-half hours left!” he declared. “I don’t need none of that going back and forth. Don’t leave me on read when I text you! None of that!”