Trippie Redd is undoubtedly one of the most talented young artists emerging right now. He's yet to release his debut album but it's safe to say that his fans are eagerly awaiting for him to drop it. However, in the midst of his fame, he's been involved with a notable feud with Tekashi 6ix9ine. Over the weekend, Trippie Redd made it clear that he was out for revenge on 6ix9ine and said, "if it's the last thing I do on Earth, I'mma catch you blood... And I'mma beat the FUCK out 'chu, nigga. I'm gonna beat your ass." Despite this, Trippie Redd seems to have had a moment of clarity and is done with feeding into the negativity.

Trippie Redd is through with feeding into beef and he wanted to apologize to his fans for indulging into the negativity. The rapper shared a lengthy Instagram caption last night and spoke on the fact that his name has been attached to "gossip" more so than his own music. He said that people aren't valuing his art, intentions or life and he's through with dealing with the negative shit. 

"Sorry for being so involved in so much negativity. I’m putting all that aside from here I’m done with involving my art and intelligence with others I shouldn’t even be giving people the light of day." He wrote, "My true feelings about everything is that I no longer care about what anyone has to say no longer responding to anyone anymore. If you look up my name on YouTube it shows - VIDEO VIDEO GOSSIP GOSSIP GOSSIP NEGATIVITY VIDEO NEGATIVITY GOSSIP VIDEO - I’ve sent my self way off goal term just to prove a point to people that don’t care. People that don’t value my intentions or art or even my life so ALBUM MODE fully I’m just so tired of the negative influences people give."

Maybe we won't be seeing any more Instagram Live sessions with him and 6ix9ine in the future but atleast we know his album is on the way.

Peep the post below.