It seems as though everybody is collaborating to try and recreate the same magic that Kanye West and Jay Z made on Watch the Throne. While nobody has gotten quite close to them (even Drake and Future... don't @ me,) artists keep combining their styles together to create either must-listen tracks or "try-hard" attempts. It would be reckless of me to not mention the countless collaborative projects we've witnessed in hip-hop history from Mos Def and Talib Kweli, Method Man and Redman, and many others. Yung Bans and Trippie Redd look to continue a tradition brought on by their OG's, working together to create the best music they possibly can.

While people love to hate on Trippie, many easily dismissed his recent album Life's A Trip due mostly in part to the drama he likes to stir up. The young Ohio artist has proven to be extremely versatile, which we also witnessed on Life's A Trip, and a pairing with Bans offers fans of both artists a chance to discover their respective sounds. While Bans has been hit-or-miss as of late, he's proven to cater to his following through his unique branding and choice in producers. 

Bans posted a screenshot of his FaceTime conversation with Trippie Redd on Twitter, asking fans what they should name their collaborative effort. With no date announced for the project, it's unclear if we'll see it before the end of the year. What do you think it should be named?