Mario Judah spent weeks emulating Playboi Carti's entire style, pressuring the rapper to release his album Whole Lotta Red in November and December. When the "Magnolia" artist was nowhere to be found, the up-and-coming self-proclaimed rock star took matters into his own hands and released a four-track project in Carti's style. At the time, many believed that Mario Judah did Carti better than Carti himself. Then, the actual Whole Lotta Red dropped and people kind of forgot about Mario... until today.

One of the tracks that Mario Judah teased while he was harassing Playboi Carti was "Miss The Rage," one of Carti's most heavily previewed records with Trippie Redd. The beat had already gone viral on social media and it was only a matter of time before Carti and Trippie cleared everything for the release. On Friday, they came through with the highly-anticipated drop. However, a good number of fans think that Mario Judah earned a spot on the song, only to be left off entirely.

"The Mario Judah miss the rage hook was actually amazing kinda sad that didn’t make it," wrote Quadeca on Twitter. Many others have echoed that same sentiment, wondering why he wasn't added to the song after he showed that he could spice it up. "i think we all can agree miss the rage wouldve been a classic with mario judah," added a fan in another tweet.

The "Die Very Rough" artist got the trend started by telling his fans this morning, "Good Morning Ragers." Five weeks ago, Mario Judah posted about the leaked version of the song with his vocals, to which Trippie Redd said, "How they leak a song u not on."

Do you think the song would have been better with Mario Judah? Let us know in the comments and check out what everyone else is saying below.