Trippie Redd Channels Mad Max In "Deadman's Wonderland" Video

Matthew Parizot
April 18, 2018 14:42

Trippie Redd drops another post-apocalyptic visual.

If Trippie Redd hasn't proven himself to be one of the most interesting rap artists out right now, then he's definitely making some of the best music videos in rap.

After releasing his zombie apocalypse fantasy music video for "Dark Knight Dummo," back in February, Trippie has returned with a new take on the post-apocalypse genre, "Deadman's Wonderland", this time in the vein of Mad Max or the Fallout games.

The video, directed by Matt Keane with cinematography by Justin Jones, finds Trippie and his gang playing the role of desert raiders, masked up and looking to defend their territory. 

The video opens with Trippie being wheeled into an operating room on a stretcher by some individuals wearing hazmat suits. How Trippie gets there and what the mens' intentions are is never revealed, but the video uses that to cleverly introduce FOREVER ANTi PoP, as he's wheeled in in a similar fashion before he begins his verse.

A later clash between Trippie's gang and a group of rival warriors leads to an intense scene, with some of the coolest cinematography for a rap video in recent memory. If you're only going to watch one rap video today, make sure it's this one.


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