Back in January, we were surprised to see Trinidad James' name (actually Nicholas Williams) in the writing credits of Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' chart-topping hit "Uptown Funk," and now we're learning just how much he stands to make off that "Don't believe me, just watch" line.

Pigeons And Planes crunched the numbers, and thanks to James getting at least 5.625% of the song's current publishing revenue of $840,000, he's going to make at least $47,250 (most likely more) off of it. '70s mainstays The Gap Band (who counted Charlie Wilson as a member) were also credited, due to similarities to their song "Oops, Upside Your Head," and the band's four members will split 17% of the revenue.

A little less chaotic than the still-ongoing "Blurred Lines" lawsuit, but still, a messy legal situation.

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