Coming virtually out of nowhere, and even being upfront that he has not been rapping very long, many people have thrown the ‘One Hit Wonder’ tag on Trinidad James after his colossal hit “All Gold Everything.”  The Atlanta native was recently in New York and during an interview talked about the good and bad of having a huge breakout single.   He also talked about his relationship with Def Jam, and when fans can expect his studio album. 

Asked about the success of “All Gold Everything” James says it is a gift and a curse, as it offers exposure, but detracts from his project as a whole, “I wanted people just to listen to the project and let me know how they felt about it in general as a whole...As an artist you want to get known, but as a true artist, you want people to appreciate you as a whole.”

Trinidad signed a big deal with Def Jam, and said he likes the label because of the support they have shown, “As of right now, I like Def Jam...I only fuck with people that believe, so they believe.  At the end of the day as an artist, that’s what you want.”

In regards to when we can expect to hear a studio album from the former boutique proprietor, Trinidad says right now he is just promoting his mixtape, “the album it’s gonna come.  For me cause I came in the game so independent, I really believe in my current project.”  He plans to tour first before working on his LP, “I’m gonna go on tour, for this current project...I got tons of new music...I feel like when I get off the tour, I’m gonna take some time for myself [to record].”