Trinidad Jame$All Gold Everything” has taken hip hop by storm, and the man who was running a boutique in Atlanta just last year has become an overnight sensation.  He attributes his success after such a short time rapping and being in the game, to being genuine on his tracks and in interviews.   Recently he called in and chopped it up with DJ Whoo Kid and discussed how he started rapping, and how success just snowballed. 

People find Jame$’ music and lyrics infectious, and he attributes this to being himself when rapping, “The reason that it’s popping like that is because, I don’t force it.  The person that you hear in that music is me, it’s who I am...I might be the most, put everything on the table, type of guy to ever come in the game man.”

The Trinidadian native says he was at a friend’s place who had a studio set up, and he used to just chill but one time he dropped some bars, and from there things just took off, “I hopped over there and chilled, and just jumped on a track...Track was so hard they made another song out of sampling my verse from the first song.”

At the time he was running a boutique in ATL, and went from there to rap sensation in under a year saying “I continued to help them on the back end...cause I ran a boutique...I was just trying to be that good cuz or homeboy...but I ended up jumping on that track and it was dope,” adding modestly, “I’m the dude who only been rapping less than a year.”

Rumors are floating that a massive “All Gold Everything” remix is in the works, but Trinidad remained tight-lipped about who you could expect to hear on the track.