Trinidad James, a new-comer to the rap game, has already inked a deal with a major label, Def Jam.

Just announced officially on Thursday, the "All Gold Everything" rapper has yet to really comment about the venture. While performing at the Cali Christmas concert as a surprise guest, Trinidad spoke on his Def Jam deal backstage at the venue. 

He said (via HHDX), "I mean, I don't really celebrate things like this - I just thank God for it and keep moving. I was already grinding and working, and doing my thing. Just in general...this is just adding more feel to the feeling I already had."

He continued to mention his source of inspiration, "My inspiration comes from life," he said. "Everything in life. Because all I rap about is real life. The real things that's going on in my life. I don't ever call any artists' names, because - for what? When you hear something, you're gonna know where it came from."

Check out the full interview below. What do you think of the new rap phenom?