While most struggle at their craft for years before making a name for themselves, Trinidad Jame$ is one of the rare instances in hip hop when a rapper blew up over night.   His “All Gold Everything” has become a sort of “I Don’t Like 2.0” with every rapper using the beat to drop a freestyle.  Now fans are getting a better sense of who the rapper is, and folks are starting to pay attention to his Don’t Be S.A.F.E. mixtape.  In a recent interview with AHH, the Trini native talks about his tape, what it was like coming to the U.S., and his plans for 2013. 

Most people don’t realize that “All Gold Everything” was the last track he recorded for his mixtape, and he was looking for an official street banger.  When talking about his tape he said simply, “I love it, it’s really good. Of course, I made it... Ten songs straight to the point let you know about Trinidad Jame$, an introduction to my life,”

His moniker comes from the place of his birth, and Jame$ recalls moving to the States, and his Caribbean accent making him stick out, “It was a long time ago, it was something to get used to coming from Trinidad, with an accent coming to America...The accent is hilarious to everyone who doesn’t talk like that.”

As one of the breakthrough artists of the year, fans have their eye on what is next from this rapper seemingly touched by King Midas, with everything he touches turning to gold.  He plans on continuing to work hard at his craft, and to eventually be considered a “musical genius”, as Trinidad says, “My goal for 2013 is to have everyone familiar with my project and then just keep turning up,” adding, “Building up and changing myself into a musical genius. I’m doing new music, but I’m still focused on my project.”