Chinese Kitty, who is known for her appearance on Love & Hip Hop Miami, has landed herself in a bit of a messy by talking out the side of her head. During a radio interview, the entertainer thought it would be appropriate to loop Trina and Nicki Minaj into some gossip. A clip of the interview is available after the jump.

 “About two weeks after we hung out for the first time, she [Nicki] hits me up like, ’yo I need to speak to you about something. Call me in an hour.’ So I’m like, cool. I call her in an hour." Kitty claims that when she did call Minaj, the Queen rapper hit her with a bit of an interrogation. Apparently, Nicki was trying to figure out if she had been intimate with Meek Mill since people had been telling her how "dumb" she looked standing next to a chick who had slept with her then-recent ex-boyfriend. Although Kitty reassured her that she hadn't been messing with Meek, Nicki cut ties.


Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Then, Kitty got a bit messy and said that Trina did, however, do the deed. The emcee was quite to refute her claims online.

“She spoke about me but doesn’t know me,” Trina says in a clip. “First of all, I’m not a gossiper. I do not play with these girls out here at all. Period. Don’t not call my name. Do not mention my name. Do not say my name. If you’re drunk and over 21, handle your alcohol or do not drink. I do not play that shit.”

Kitty has since explained that she didn’t mean to expose Trina like that.

“And for everyone saying I threw Trina under the bus,” she writes. “I was in the heart of the moment on top of not realizing this was new people ain’t know about. Sincerely wasn’t involving her something that was told to me and I was only explaining a situation how it was told to me. No harm intended.”