Reports indicate that Trina's brother, Wilbrent Bain Jr., but known to most as Gonk, was involved in an altercation early this morning which ended in gunfire, leaving him in critical condition. 

Gonk died later in hospital, according to sources, and while details are scarce, it has been reported that Trina's brother knew the man who shot him.

A statement was released to Trina's Myspace page following his hospitilaization, but no one in the rapper's camp has officially confirmed his passing.

“I have some very sad news to post. Over the weekend, Trina’s little brother was shot in Miami, FL. Wilbrent Bain Jr. is also known to friends as Goonkie and is 19 years old. He is currently in critical condition at a local Miami, FL hospital. Please keep him in your prayers and send your blessings to Trina and her family! Feel free to post comments as I will be forwarding them to Trina herself.”

We extend our condolences to Trina and her family, and will update on the tragic story as information arrives.

[Update: Suspect Arrested, Confesses To Murder]

Miami-Dade Police now claim to have arrested the lead suspect in the murder of Wilbrent Bain. The 27 year old man known as Ron Dobson is being held without bond in custody, where he will face a second-degree murder charge. Following the reading of his Miranda rights, Dobson confessed to his involvement in the shooting of Bain. 

The affidavit revealed further details on the event, indicating that an argument between the two men led to Bain getting off his bicycle, at which point Dobson pulled a gun from his waistband and fired multiple shots at the victim.

The two men were reportedly friends who lived around the corner from one another at Northwest 91st Street and 24th Avenue. The shooting took place in broad daylight at around 9:35 a.m., Tuesday morning.

Trina has yet to comment on the tragedy.

View the local news coverage of the incident below.

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