Lil Wayne first offended Florida native Trick Daddy when he went on his hateful rant against Miami. Following this, when the two happened to be at King Of Diamonds strip club at the same time, Weezy F became angry when a member from Trick Daddy's crew apparently flicked a cigarette at the rapper's dreads.

Security stepped in quick enough to diffuse the situation at the strip club, but it still incited a beef between the rappers. Now, while talking to TMZ, Trick Daddy confirms he'd be willing to a sit down with Weezy in order to settle their beef, but at the same time, he adds more fuel to the fire. 

Trick said while talking about a possible sit-down, "If I [wanted to start shit with Lil Wayne] he would have been in the hospital for a different reason than a seizure." Trick continued to say that Lil Wayne got him black-balled from all the good strip clubs in Miami after their K.O.D. encounter.

Apparently, it was Birdman who suggested a sit-down for the two feuding rappers.