Dr. Miami is a well-known cosmetic surgeon, famous for his work on celebrity clients. Real name Michael Salzhauer, Dr. Miami has just been called out by Trick Daddy who is asking for a pretty unexpected procedure.

While it seems as though the Florida rapper is joking in this video, several sources are reporting that he could actually be serious. 

"Dr. Miami help me man. I need your help, dawg," said Trick Daddy on Instagram. "You won't give me a tummy tuck, give me a fat transfer. Transfer all this fat into this dick."

In the video, he rubs his belly and specifies that he's looking for a fat grafting procedure. 

Of course, the video is pretty funny. However, according to a couple of gossip websites, he may actually be serious. We'll need to wait and see if the 45-year-old reality star ever touches on this again. 

As of this publication, Dr. Miami has not commented on the post or addressed Trick Daddy's surgery request.

Earl Gibson III/Getty Images

This year, Trick has been in the news because of certain statements he has made about Trina's manager, also battling her on Instagram Live. He was roasted earlier in the year after his recent mugshot was leaked following his arrest for drugs and DUI.