Even if it is Easter morning, that did not stop Trick Daddy from getting some thoughts off of his chest. The rapper hit social media with a video where he simply went off about women on the 'Gram who own nice watches and cars but don't actually have any property or assets to their name. "If I see another bitch on social media showin' a AP watch and bitch, you stay at an apartment. You don't own a house. Bitch, I'mma rob you, hoe" he yelled at the camera.

Earl Gibson III/Getty Images

It's unclear what prompted this rant but clearly, this is something that's been weighing on his mind for quite some time. He continued to blast this group of women for getting men to buy them watches and foreign vehicles but still paying rent. "You don't impress me. Y'all hoes better wake up. 'Cause Your AP lost value as soon as you walked it out the mothafuckin' jewelry store," he added before sharing some wise words about the First Time Home-buyer program.

"A lot of you hoes act all cute and prissy and think you know everything, ya pussy is not worth how you look. That's what a Catfish is. Y'all think catfish is a hoe take a picture in at an angle. Suck her tummy in. That's not a catfish. Catfish is you hoes that act bad, look bad, dress in designer and your pussy smell like dead fish," he added. 

"That's what a catfish is," according to Trick Daddy.