Kodak Black's interview with Ebro ended abruptly when he refused to speak about sexual abuse. The rapper who is currently facing charges for allegedly violating someone sexually did not want to engage and the radio host let him walk off set, seemingly unbothered by the fact that the interview would be a bust. Ebro received some criticism for this decision from Tory Lanez and also got a tongue lashing from Trick Daddy. Twitter had some plans for Trick, however, proceeding to drag the entertainer across the entertainment realm. Peep some of the pettiest remarks after the jump.

Trick had posted up to set Ebro straight: "You're supposed to get these n***as and put them under your wing and teach them the right from wrong. But your bitch ass -- you're trying to be a fake ass Charlamagne." His full commentary is available here

Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images

Social media users mocked Trick Daddy without mercy, hardly acknowledging his original point. A lot of people compared his appearance to that of Florida Evans. Someone even compared him to a women's "rag," essentially qualifying his as a sh*t stain. That's rough. 

Then, he was ridiculed for his diction.

People were also reminded of some of the artist's questionable quotables.