Trick Daddy was never the leading the pack as the shining beacon of responsibility in the Rap Game, but we were still surprised that Trick Daddy, already a convicted felon, managed to get himself in so much trouble.

Late last night, Trick Daddy, whose birth name is Maurice Young , was found by the authorities carrying loaded guns, driving a car with a suspended license, which all might be manageable if they didn't also find a heap of cocaine in his possession. 

So to tally them, that's one count of driving with a suspended license, two counts of possession of a firearm by a felon, and, of course, the cocaine possession to boot. According to online sources, Trick Daddy was also already under surveillance by authorities who suspected he had his own grow operation.

Who are we to fault Trick for doing the things he has made a career out of boasting about, but you would think that Trick Daddy would want to be more careful, especially on the heels of his 2003 felony convictions for brandishing a fire arm and threatening a dude's life over a pick up game of basketball.