Trey Songz's has been embroiled in a messy domestic violence case for a while now. The alleged incident occurred in February 2018 at an NBA All-Star Weekend party in Los Angeles. TMZ shared the story after his accuser, Andrea Buera, filed a police report that detailed Songz hitting her in the face after seeing her speak to another man. In March, Songz turned himself in before being released on a $50,000 bond two hours later. However, he continued to vehemently deny the validity of Buera's claims. In April, Buera's accusations were dismissed when the LAPD received witness testimonies that heavily contradicted her account. Buera then attempted to sue Songz, in April, for compensation for the medical expenses that she racked up after going to the hospital on the night of the incident. In a press conference held that same month, Buera said, “Trey, I’d like an apology. I want you to get help, and although I am not your first victim ... I’d like to be your last.”

Now, over a year later, according to court documents obtained by The Blast, Buera is dismissing all charges against the singer. Based on the repeated charges that Buera has made against Songz without adequate evidence, the court decided to dismiss the case with prejudice, preventing her from refiling her claims against Songz at a later date. Songz and his lawyer, Shawn Holley, argued that Buera had actually been the instigator of the fight and that any violence had to use was out of self-defense. The court sided with this account. 

It seems Trey Songz's biggest issue now is dealing with all the mockery he's facing for having his Power theme song criticized and then removed from the show